y work.”

 北京夜网 ”Yes, I remember last year in a company anti-crime operation, he saved a woman.The results of that woman and those who are a group, the time to take advantage of the chaos, to stab company.”The police talk about this thing angry,” At that time many people, the company can not get out, you have to suffer a out of the way other colleagues, had abruptly by the.”
  ”by!”Someone Detroit Metal City.
  ”and after.”
  The police officer a look of admiration: “Although the company suffered a knife, but he avoided the crucial.Two days out of a serial murder, the murderer of young girls to start a rarity, after company know immediately discharged, completely ignoring his own injuries, he spent a week capture the killer.”
  ”so amazing.”
  ”Our company there are even more powerful, and I come to you said said.”
  Jin’s car is original non广州桑拿-generic brand, even after opening the front door to sit in, not the first time you start the car, but the hand stays on the forehead, while to the re-emergence.
  He first drove back to his residence.
  Even in front of the residence within a common cell, Sanshiyiting, he is saving money to buy, he more than ten thousand a month佛山桑拿 salary, in addition to the mortgage and basic living expenses, and the rest of the money into the card to sleep ginger in.
  Of course he knew Jiang Mian is not short of money, but that does not prevent him from this move.
  Two months did not come back, the house was deserted, the door shoe rack placed pairs of slippers, a pair of black, a pair of pink bunny – This is Jiang’s sleep, even if sleep does not come ginger, which are also prepared to have ready.
  Feng even look down to the pink bunnies above, a lot of soft Mouguang.
  They do this kind of work, the family will be standing medicine cabinet, even the front carrying the medicine chest to the bathroom, took off the jacket and shirt.
  Mirror, men bandage wrapped around the upper body with multiple overflow bright red color.
  After a while, even with the front

n the mud.

  If南宁桑拿 it is not because she has Shangqi Wen memories of past lives, plus the blessing, if she could not think of immortality Yan Wei, Yan Ye would be the biggest enemy.Shangqi Wen Wei Yan as if the memory of the god-like much, but never in such a person is not mentioned.
  Shangqi Wen with memories of past lives, memories, Yan Wei has long passed away, his body has been bad, at the age of 30 Yan Ye Yan Wei has died.
  Without Yan Wei, Yan seemed sad a lot, Yan Ye therefore grow up.
  He and Ling Tong entangled single 10 years, we finally fruition.And Yan Ye is because of this, they did not have time before the 35-year-old to have a child, Father Yan that 15% of the shares eventually transferred to Yan Ye di.
  This naturally became a reign of terror on the market, Shang Qiwen past life memory, Yan Ye of course, finally succeeded, although not a深圳桑拿网ble to get back Yan Father final 15% stake.But he eventually buy back the shares of Royal Yao, enough to stabilize his position in the royal Yao.
  Therefore, after Shangqi Wen Ling Tong off single, the first will immediately think of having a child.With children, the shares have, Yan Ye could no longer abandon her.Moreover, Yan Wei looked healthy and rosy complexion all, such a person 32 years of age it is really going to die?Too difficult, not as their own pre-emptive to insurance.
  Now, although the banquet did not do, but he has said Yan Ye have good news announced after tonight.Yan second soul mate’s identity, sooner or later not run as well as her Shangqi Wen’s.
  Yan Wei counts for something?But he was expelled Yan lost dog after she and Yan Ye to rely on the charity of people to live, what qualifications to come here clamor?
  Sha深圳桑拿网ngqi Wen Wei Yan did not care what they thought, for him, this woman too small, e

said: “The land that little son of a bitch Jersey is not bully you?You tell me, I beat him up for you!”

  ”Do not mention him, I broke up with him.”Gu said ring sleep Zhaoyan.
  ”real or fake?”Tang shocked.
  Gu nodded sleep.
  Tang bring a bag of beer as well as sn苏州桑拿acks Lin Dao are put on the table in the living room, greeting Gu sleep: “Come, drinkin!”Then he opens a can of beer to push Gu sleep, gave himself to open a can and held it up.
  Gu sleep hunker down, raised his beer and she touched, then drank a big mouth, cold wine down the throat to slide down, Gu sleep comfortably gently sigh.
  Tang also took a sip, eagerly asked: “in the end how ah?Land a fight with Jersey?”
  Gu sleepless beer cans in hand, calmly shook his head: “No.I’m just disappointed for him, do not want to continue the.”
  Although Lu Jersey called her over, but Tang has the slightest to help land Jersey to speak I did not mean: “I told you so, although land Jersey is my friend, but he does not fit you, from small to large him it is particularly welcomed by the girls, he also particularly enjoy this feeling, and his 南宁夜生活网former girlfriend who does not love a capacity of more than three months, six months with you, it is the oldest of th上海夜网e.You also do not hurt, but you fairy ah!Casually can find a better land than Jersey.”
  Tang beginning “Gu sleep” all my friends the only one who advised her not together with land Jersey, Jersey land she had known since childhood, to his emotional journey is also very clear, is not a promising start Gu Lu Jersey and sleep together.
  Gu sleep holding beer cans, directed at the head tilt Tang smiled: “I think so too.”
  Tang is “taking care of sleep” really good friends, although they know the time has only a year or two, but the relationship is very intimate, after

Han’s long eyelashes, lips looked very soft, eyes closed when breathing seems a little苏州夜网 preparedness are not, because the relationship between the quilt cover, so people no longer curled the.

  He will not leave for a long time.

Chapter 36 company
  Orange sun shone through the window, silhouetted against the window of the evening, the sky was the same dyed the bright colors.
  Ginger and gone.
  Han Lin has not had time to lose, she commenced the.
  To give her school teachers are Han Lin father specifically requested over, these teachers teach something very interesting, as is so Lin Han understand data, to see that mess of terms, even if it is to be signed at least have to know this things can not be signed.
  Lin Han staring at the face of his contract to see, this time Lin Yao If nothing to work from home, Lin Han class he was in office next.
  When Lin Han class, he put his contract to see Lin Han, “see if you can see what to do?”
  That word dense dozen pages.
  Lin Han: “.I’m sorry, I have not started looking, I drowsy.”
  See these things in the end is how ah go on?!
  This is simply high school when fearful than she, at least, the things you learn in high school is still within your scope of understanding, which is simply beyond he上海419同城对对碰r understanding of the scope, okay?
  Lin Yao is seriously looking at what we looked at in front of their Han Lin.
  Before Lin Han had approached him and asked if he had wanted to do nothing, or his interest is the management of those things.
  Lin Yao is already a long time have not thought about these things, and he has been trying to learn before time inside, he felt himself to be very good not to let others regret his adoption.
  In the latter days, he’s trying to prove their ability.
  He was not thinking this is not what he wanted to do, so Lin Han asked him, he looked at Lin Han’s face for a moment distracted.
  Lin Han at the time and he said, want to do anything to support him.
  Lin Yao in a small time, passing a shop, which people are p

of her, rub her about the fire got up, she said, “Hey, I do not let you go?How you back?”

  She was unable to eat disgusting things all the difference.
  ”I told her to come back.”The man behind her said, surprised and do not know between Cheyenne River suddenly when a man has come to the door.
  The men sat down across from her, breakfast Butler brought him up, and Cheyenne River expensive to eat those things, Chu Zheng eat much simpler.
  He porridge in the morning and eat fried dough sticks, by the way just drink a glass of juice.
  Suddenly between Cheyenne River not say a word, she soon discovered that not only is that people come back to the aunt, who had previously been dismissed her, and went back with the Chu Zheng.
  This is simply lingers.
  Cheyenne River Chu Zheng afraid of being found he killed his parents, because the 广州桑拿attitude is very strange Chu Zheng.
  If I knew, then, Chu Zheng, now how can such a peaceful attitude and talk to her, she would have put the dismemberment.
  If one does not know, Chu Zheng attitude now is how is it.
  So, after a few days, Cheyenne River simply feel jittery breath, playing full back Mrs. Chu family did not die when the difference is now ignoring her people into Chu Zheng.
  Chu Zheng companies need to go to work during the day, then the family maid seems to be the same as it was backing up, it began to turn a blind eye to her unreasonable demands.
  It almost took her to the mad, she felt should now ease the relationship and Zheng Chu, Chu Zheng Does this person personality she is not clear yet?Just coax a coax, he ate most of this set.
  He should also take advantage of the warmth when immersed in grief at the death of his parents, so he felt he was also in love.
  Cheyenne River have this intention in time.
  Chu Zheng began to go out to go to work, because the parents passed away Chu Zheng himself was arrested and news, so let the stock market crash Chu family.
  Who have always been family-owned business in the Chu Zheng not thi都市夜网s

r you?I will let you pick it up.”

  Noisy classroom quiet moment.
  A both nervous and excited eyes fixed on the side.
  Jiang Tong Tong two little fat hands clenched, and his face flushed, as if insulted, but twitching mouth, said: “Good!I can help you pick up!”He bent down to pick up the book, and then severely hit in the care of the body to sleep, proud smile:” Well!I’ll pick it up!Hurry Xie – ”
  If not finished, and the book smashed back!The middle of his face door!The book back to hit him on the nose, suddenly the pain he must tear out!However, he did not react, he flew out –
  A hard kick on his foot slightly protruding belly, fly direct kick him out and fell to the other side of the aisle in position.
  Tables and chairs sound of the collision, and classroom screams together into one!
  Jiang T北京桑拿ong Tong could not believe what happened!He actually was a girl kick!Also in front of the whole class!Ge in the ba杭州夜网ck behind the bench, stomach pain, but also back pain, pain in the ass too, had never suffered this crime!He was angry, Koubuzeyan shouted: “Your mother is a prostitute!You grow up too – ”
  ”Snapped!”Bang Cui Xiang!
  Mercilessly pumping a slap in his face!
  The classroom was quiet again.
  Everyone was shocked.
  Jiang Tong Tong also quiet, Dengyuan eyes, burst into disbelief staring grabbed his collar Gu sleep, tears flowed round and round in his eyes.
  His parents never had slapped slap!
  Gu sleep pretty face is cold, a pair of water hyacinth but Teng flame, Jiang Tong Tong tugging at her collar pulled him over, a eyes staring him in a very calm tone, said: “You scold one, I smoke rotten your mouth.”
  Jiang Tong Tong for the first time and the girls were so close, was staring at her a pair of cold water hyacinth, the atmosphe南宁桑拿re could not breathe, fight bac

s, not the force of natural light, a small round head instantly with a laye上海夜网r of cold sweat, eyes over the pages weighs past.

  Masters did not expect to be a wild child under the sink such a heavy hand, his face pale instant: “What do you want, just directed at me, do not hurt children.”
  ”This is just a small prelude, you can try to sprinkle a lie, this time we unloaded him an arm.”Shen Ye brought back lips, eyes full of cold.
  Masters tightly pegged him, always detached eyes of anger for the first time: “You do that, reckoning will come, your character hard, your reward will go to the people who care about most.”
  ”When it comes to the topic, I want to know is, I care about the human body, how are other people control?Also, why would the true Zhou Zhou in the mirror, how do I make everything anyway, “Shen wild straightened a bit,” Answer me, I will let you.”
  Masters do not speak sullen, Shen wil杭州夜网论坛d mocking smile, the person behind flashed a knife, carry her like chickens, like the small round fainted carry up.
  ”I say!After the “Master canthus was killing, I do not know of a small circle of life and death to see the total collapse.
  Shen Ye looked at him coldly, eventually went with him Taoist, so that other people look at small round keep out.Master said vertical eye for a long time, Shen Ye quietly listening, long while slowly opening: “You say this, I can verify immediately if there are false.”
  ”That killed me, killed my apprentice.”Master dumb channel.
  Shen wild eyes showing a little disdain: “Zhou Zhou occupy the body of what people?”
  ”Yes.”Masters just a mouth, covered over as general electrical twitch, and then opened his eyes the whole body has been wet with sweat.
  Shen Ye frowned, master actually relie南宁夜网ved.
  At first he still do not understand why such a preference for heavy wild Heaven, even if this person is no bottom line of all kinds of evil, can easily pry the secret, even from his words loopholes, find the easiest method resurrection.Now it seems n

s in the corner, looking at the ground stampede was dirty grass rope, Lu Jianxun grief, sell unsold, and pick back Xue flower house would definitely be scolded, “brother, you say what are we supposed to.”

  Luming Wen sigh, looking down the grass rope one by one to pick it up, pulled the sleeves, slowly wipe the top of the mud, “pick and go home, if the mother angry, I say accidentally stubbed his toe soiled.”
  ”Brother, why are you stopping me, they we step on dirty grass rope, we have to lose money.”
  ”You heard people say that you know with the police station?Where Rede Qi we really want to be shut in, we have to let mom pick.”I do not know why, Luming Wen think of his mother pushing a wheelbarrow to se北京风月会所nd his case to the commune hospital treatment legs, no matter what matter happens, Tanzhao things will always be family,” not that I’m sorry you let me say a few words, and nothing.”
  ”How come nothing, we did not do have to apologize, what morals ah.”
  Luming Wen stop action, looked up at his face unconvinced Lu Jianxun, palpitation said, “is such a troubled world, quickly picking up grass rope it.”He remembers Xue flower to commune sell food to give him medical expenses that back, obviously the price can be high, the other side know that she have an urgent need, simply pressing a cheap, Xue Huahua is no other way but to sell to people, then low Price had to sell, we can not really sit and look at him as a lame bar.
  Lu Jianxun Mamalielie squat.Body, the other Gouzhangrenshi gas, and gas Luming Wen disappointing, Luming Wen just concent南宁夜网rate on picking up grass rope, it made him curse.
  Grass rope was not sell, Luming Wen again pick on his shoulders, think of Luo Mengying send the book in his backpack old youth, they hastened to the station, just after that incident, the two men do not dare city road Azeri to speak with their own like深圳桑拿网 headless fliesThey are neglected, not only mended to Mongolia brave fight, when to use from the machinations of the same is not bad i

 Luo Kellogg had to do so.

  When arrived at the hotel, and a lot of little rain, Qi Yan books umbrella to sleep to the hotel entrance ginger, ginger sleep does not seem to see him leave the meaning, some frustration.
  She found, Qi Yan book seems to be bent when her father.
  ”Mian Mian.”Qi Yan book will be on hand for her hair accidentally spilled a drop of rain wiped, whispered,” Han Xu also your father do?”
  Jiang Mian calm back at him, generous nodded: “Yes..”
  ”Qi Shushu, nice if you want to be my father, I need to ask the views of other dads.”Jiang Mian altogether pick say so.
  Qi Lu Yan bibliography contemplation, thought for a moment, said: “Even police officers, Wuzhen brother, Han Xu, a total of three.”
  Jiang Mian shook his index finger.
  Qi Lu Yan written doubt, Jiang Mian said: “There is a.”南宁夜网
  Qi Yan book: “.”
  Jiang Mian took out the phone, point out a photo of actor father: “He is.”
  Qi Yan book look down to the photographs of Qinjing Run, which is Jiang Mian accidentally brush microblogging, actor father to see a costume drama of the stills in a unit.
  Beauty is unmatched, even if the value of the Yen has grown used to the actor’s father, but she was amazing, and immediately the preservation picture.
  He hesitated a second, said: “There you?”
  Jiang Mian shaking his head.
  Book Qi Yan smiled, did not say anything, umbrella into the rain, the ride will soon disappear.
  Jiang Mian: “???”
  This meant a few laughs?!
  Thought for a moment, Yan Qi book really can not figure out how this case is going on, they do not think the.
  She is never tangle of people.
  She sat in the lobby waiting to reach the rest ar北京夜网ea Tyrant father, just sit down, micro-channel receive a friend request.
  - [I] according to Song Zi
  Jiang Mian point consent.
  [Song Zi according to: Miss Jiang, thank you.]
  [Song Zi according to: I felt I left three days.]
  [Song Zi accordance with: Three days later, I come to you.]
  [Jiang Mian: do not, take with you father, three da上海夜网ys, all th

o refining a jar of lard, at least to kill two pigs.If the river may be too pig after evolution, oil refining a pig can be accommodated at least two cans half lard.

  Five times the amount of oil.
  If this was to let Wang Xiangqin see, she can give scared to death, simply nemesis to lose weight, the calories too high too high!!
  Resting on her previous life can not sell you believe it?You say lard?Who ate lard ah!We are eating vegetable oil!
  When the county magistrate can see, he is excited to trembling.
  Even if he himself came from large clans, do not forget, he would have to leave the house for many years, came t南宁桑拿o the county office in order to develop agriculture, he did a run to the edge of the countryside.Even on farming crops or better than those of skill over the years, may be for the sufferings of the people, he was clear enough.
  Even within his office area, there are several huge number of poor people.Those who fall will not starve to death, after all, they bring the soil is still very good.Can not be starved to death does not mean it is a good time, over many years, many people are eating sweet potatoes, whole grains and so to live, and for several years but not Hunxing are very unusual thing.
  If this evolution over the river too pig can promote the open, poor families can keep an even grow a little slower, a good year and a half, and that time to kill the pig, just out of the refining and eat lard two or three years.As we深圳桑拿网ll as the rest of the meat, can be pickled up, fatty giant high oil content, is not that what the poor people needed?
  In addition to the river too pig, there are two parties pig, this pig biggest feature is highly adaptive, whether it is high or extreme cold, can immediately adapt to eating and require very low, especially looki