Month: December 2019

Doctor tips how to exercise eyeballs

Doctor tips how to “exercise” eyeballs Nowadays, the call function of mobile phones is not so important. Mobile phones have become an indispensable tool for people, such as remittances, shopping, ordering train tickets, booking hotels, group food, brushing friends, watching

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Tibetan secret vein repair

Tibetan secret vein repair Shake your body and adjust each part to a more comfortable state. When you are sure that you can stay still, tell yourself to formally start meditation. This body adjustment process can be repeated if the

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Huang Huang talks about medicine

Huang Huang talks about medicine The formation of my view of physique In 1973, I began to learn medicine from Mr. Ye Bingren, Xia Yijun, Xing Yijiang and other famous Chinese medicine practitioners in my hometown of Jiangsu Province. Xia,

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