[Can Nantian Bamboo be placed indoors]_Placement_Features

[Can Nantian Bamboo be placed indoors]_Placement_Features

Everyone likes to keep a little flowers and plants at home, but not all plants can be placed indoors.

Nantian bamboo should be placed in a bright and airy place, and the indoor culture temperature in winter should not be too high.

In addition, after indoor preventive measures, it needs to be moved to a shaded place and carefully maintained. The cycle is one month and alternately maintained.

It is somewhat toxic.

Can Nantian Bamboo be placed indoors?

First, I want to tell you that Nantian Bamboo can be cultured indoors, but you must pay attention to the following points: 1.

Nantianzhu has relatively high light requirements. If it is placed indoors for breeding, it must be placed in a place with bright light. Some say that the living room, balcony, and other well-lit places.


When indoor cultivation in winter, please pay attention to the temperature should not be too high, generally the indoor temperature is controlled between 0 degrees Celsius and 10 degrees Celsius.


After the indoor cultivation of Nantian Bamboo, it must be moved to a shaded place and carefully conserved after the conservation measures. This cycle is generally one month, so the maintenance is alternated.


All Nantian bamboo plants are toxic and cannot be kept indoors for long periods of time. Otherwise, their odors are likely to cause great harm to frail people and pregnant women.

Second, how to breed indoors?

The location must be placed in a warm and semi-shady place indoors, and the ventilation must be good.


Moisture Nantianzhu likes to be humid, and it should be kept indoors to have a certain degree of humidity.

Do not pour too much water during flowering. Too much water will cause early replacement of flowers.


Fertilizing Nantianzhu like fertilizer, but not too much. Generally, it is enough to apply thin liquid fertilizer twice a year between May and June.

In addition, before flowering every year, be sure to add some fertilizers containing calcium acid to the pots, so that Nantianzhu can produce more fruits.


The main purpose of shaping Nantian Bamboo indoor cultivation is to decorate the home, so it must always overcome its useless branches to ensure its overall beauty.

Especially when changing soil in early spring, a comprehensive reshaping is needed to make Nantianzhu try to dwarf. This way the visual effect is the best.


Diseases and Insect Pests of Nantian Bamboo are actually relatively few, but in case of occurrence, they must be treated as soon as possible.